Journaling About A Work Journal

I like my job. In March, I’ll have been a QC for 6 months.

I am learning a lot about delegation, prioritization, and mediation.

And a lot about covering my own ass.

I have a journal at work. In it I write down my daily executive decision processes. If there is a defect in the product I have passed and it comes back to us (rare), or a protest to my rejection of the product (more often than not),  I do not have any trouble explaining myself, because the journal does it for me.

For example: Last night I passed collars that were slightly off-color to be put onto shirts toward the end of an order so the order could be completed.

One line consistently sent shirts for steaming because of an off-center fold on the shirt body and sleeves.

Another line began “building bad boxes,” with the same problem, sorting out good shirts (of which the other line had none)  from bad shirts.

When another line began to put out shirts that had wrinkles that could have used a little steaming, I passed the shirts on, as the department who does the cleaning, fixing and steaming were already very busy.

I do consult my journal from time to time. I am glad I have it. I am glad I have a job where I can do what I like to do as part of my daily routine.


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